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We bring talents into play

We bridge the gap between companies:

We minimise the risk of your employee terminating the working relationship, because his/her partner is without a job. Our job effort programme, TalentWorkProgramme®, brings significant value to your company, so that you can avoid, that the working relationship ends after a short while, if you employee's partner is not thriving.

Your company is without resources, and we match your needs and wishes with talents from our TalentWorkProgramme®.



The programme features interviews, adaption of CV, cultural understanding, personal appearance, and a behavioural profile. We bring all that into play for companies by screening the market, knowing how to apply these qualifications, business experience, market knowledge, etc.

Hand-held job effort

Your employee has arrived from either abroad or other parts of Denmark. We provide a hands-on approach, where we screen the needs of companies and accompany your employee's partner to these companies. We provide a hand-held job effort.

Value creation

The TalentWorkProgramme® ensures, that your employee stays in the company and thereby creates value. We provide a win-win situation for all the parties concerned - your company, your employee and his/her partner.


We are experienced advisers with a vast network in all industries. We have worked in all corners of the business community and are equipped to deliver a focused effort through the TalentWorkProgramme®.