COMPAR addresses all
– both national and international companies


Companies with foreign employees and their accompanying partner

Our primary focus is supporting your employees’ accompanying partner. COMPAR addresses all kind of companies – both national and internationale . All companies, that wish to employ highly qualified candidates. The incentives for considering foreign qualifications may be many - e.g. shortage of local employees with the required qualifications or a wish to develop new markets, where local knowledge is a great advantage. We bring your employee's partner in play in certain companies, where we see a need that matches the qualifications we see in the partner in our TalentWorkProgramme®. It is important for you to keep abreast of the needs of your employee. When the employee has returned home, it is too late. Employee satisfaction can be seen on the bottom line - when you give your employee a helping hand as a benefit for the company, it will yield results for the company. One should never underestimate the psychological effect of that.

Companies that welcome these partners

Our job is to match candidates from the TalentWorkProgramme® with the company's need for certain qualifications. We bring the candidates to your company by appointment and put the candidate into play. This is an advantage for you and a great motivation for the candidate.

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