– a part of the strategic CSR

It is imperative for COMPAR to create a safe and trustful atmosphere for our business partners and customers. Full discretion is guaranteed.

In COMPAR our starting points are:

• confidence
• delivery on promise - a promise is a promise
• going the extra mile - a high standard of service
• a constant search for the best solution

Some companies use CSR on a strategic level - and others have not come so far yet. The strategic level consists in integrating social responsibility into the core business making CSR a competitive advantage as opposed to an expense. We regard the TalentWorkProgramme® as a part of strategic CSR.
As a company you can incorporate the TalentWorkProgramme® into the initial recruitment. This means, that in the job advertisement you can point out, that accompanying partners will even be provided with a TalentWorkProgramme® through us.

This will benefit both the company's bottom line as well as the employee.

Our focus is to create work-life-balance for the families who have moved to our country or another part of the country to work. We increase the possibility of a job for the partner.

We work systematically and regard thorough preparation as a means for success. We are dedicated to the job and work whole-heartedly on keeping your employee in the company.

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