COMPAR – methods and concepts
for business development

• TalentWorkProgramme®

COMPAR is offering a supported course of up to 6 months, called TalentWorkProgramme®

• Dialogue Tool

For the purpose of developing the organisational culture with focus on:
• Innovation in the company – supporting willingness to knowledge sharing
• The culture as a business driver – creating great results
• Cooperation in or between departments in connection with mergers etc where the goal is to get a mutual understanding of the common culture of the future organisation

Organisational Listener: Here the primary focus is sparing with both managers and employees who experience different issues compared to their daily work and personal development, and it therefore could be suitable to have a neutral and constructive sparing from an external person.

This could either be a Loyalty Card – including more different services to the same company (Business Coaching (individually or in groups) or Strategy Development a.o.)

• Culture Analysis

On-line tests of all employees, where every participant receive both a personal report and a group report. Furthermore, an offer of following individual face-to-face feedback.

In addition we offer cross cultural training, where topics as leadership styles, language of management, communication patterns at meetings, meaning of multi cultural teams and their diversity etc. will be examined.

• Interim Mobility Management

Assistance to all “non-internal-organisational” tasks arising in connection with hiring employees from other countries, including introduction to local network / associations (sport, social and professional).

• Cooperation agreement

To all our services we offer individual cooperation agreements. Call us and make an appointment.
See our contact info here

By an agreement with COMPAR, companies can easier attract and implement highly qualified foreign employees, as well as Danish employees willing to move between regions in Denmark – with that clear purpose to sustain the target group.

• Loyalty Card – services on an hourly basis

Isn’t your task defined exactly, we can offer a loyalty card solution, serviced on an hourly basis, where relevant tasks will be solved in cooperation and in close dialogue with your company.

• Outplacement

COMPAR offers assistance, when you have to dismiss one of your employees. We coach the dismissed employee and support the person in question to gain insight into his/her own qualifications and preferences and also supporting the person with different tools which can help the person professionally with motivation and engagement to move on. Call for further information – See our contact info here

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