Accompanying spouse or partner
looking for a job in Denmark?

Whether you are coming to Denmark for the first time as an accompanying spouse/partner, or you are moving from one region of Denmark to another, we can assist you in finding your future job.


With our TalentWorkProgramme® - personally-guided programme: a personalized job search programme with the main focus on your job situation – all in keeping with your wishes and qualifications.


All of us at COMPAR are focused on your situation - and with our different professional backgrounds, we can offer assistance in every aspect of your job search in Denmark.


At COMPAR we offer a 100% job guarantee when joining our TalentWorkProgramme®.

Why sign up for the program?

Many newcomers to Denmark find themselves being faced by great challenges. One of these challenges could be finding a job for the accompanying partner.

You as a family have decided to move to Denmark because one of you has already accepted a new job position in Denmark. But what is the job situation for the accompanying spouse/partner? Is there a new job position for him / her? No, that is almost never taken into consideration initially. This is where COMPAR provides a unique offer for you.

With our TalentWorkProgramme® we offer a personally-guided job searching programme. The programme includes interviews, adapting your CV, cultural training, personal appearance, and a behavioural profile. With that well prepared, we screen the market to find potential matches. When a possible match found, we participate in all meetings with companies, so that you are never on your own meeting Danish organisations.

The TalentWorkProgramme® can either be ordered as a family, or – maybe even better – ordered by the company where your partner already has a job, as an arrangement as a part of your total contract.

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Who is this programme for?

Our programme is for all – both international as well as Danish spouses/partners moving to other areas of Denmark – who are interested in receiving assistance with their future job search.

Examples of those we have assisted have, for example, dental and sales and marketing backgrounds.

What do other people say?

About the trainers


Jane Elgård Petersen

My primary focus is to get international employees well integrated into Danish companies or organisations. It is my experience that many companies meet the same obstacles when it is about cooperation across branches and working culture. With that in mind, I offer companies support to gain broader insight into their own organisational culture which very often holds huge unexploited values. In parallel, I offer the international candidates individual courses in how to meet and work with the Danish organisations and new colleagues.


Kirsten Paulsen

I have multiple years’ experiences within sales and relation marketing from insurance company Tryg and Modulex A/S. Great to build relations, curious, great communication skills and human understanding are all key words of my strongest competences. I appreciate having a workday with many contacts and enjoy developing and delivering in cooperation with others to achieve a common goal.


Søren Bøge Sørensen

I have more than 18 years of experience of Executive Headhunting, both national and international. Earlier I have worked 10 years as an auditor, followed by years with business management, both as CEO and CFO, and owner of a wholesale company. My network is huge and I enjoy connecting great competences with forward-looking companies.


When signing up for the TalentWorkProgramme® you also get


Individual coaching during the complete Talent Work Programme® course

Very naturally, doubt and concern may not be clear from the beginning – new questions will arise during the process, why you are always welcome to contact us, so that we can support you.


Invitation to the FB COMPAR Group

All members of the FB group share their experiences. From COMPAR we will support all with topics relevant for all spouses and their families.


An overview of similarities and differences between the Danish and your national working environment

To be prepared for any differences, we will introduce you to all main topics of your future work in Denmark.


With COMPAR - TalentWorkProgramme® - you get a 100% guarantee for a relevant job in Denmark

We can help you get your dream job!

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